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JPEGCrops is a great freeware application with a lot of potential
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JPEGCrops is a great freeware application with a lot of potential. There are many applications that enable you to do what this little jewel does, but there is an outstanding difference. JPEGCrops allows you to crop or resize pictures in batches. Yes, that is easily achieved with many other applications, but you can do it from a thumbnail view with JPEGCrops. And, since the application does not re-compress at all, the whole procedure does not incur in a loss of quality. JPEGCrops simply discards the data that is not used, so you get a crop that is fast and without any quality loss. So, if you are ever in the need of cropping or resizing several pictures at once and you want to do it as fast as you humanly can, JPEGCrops is a good place to start. There is a host of other ways you can crop or resize your pictures. The most interesting one is crop by aspect ratio. Using that method, JPEGCrops will get rid of everything that falls outside of a specified aspect ratio; say, 16:9. The fact that this is a freeware application makes it so much the better.

José Fernández
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  • Many cropping modes
  • Also works for resizing
  • Batch operations are a snap


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